Evženie bílková

General manager

Over 40 years in travel services. She started as a tour guide and later worked as a group coordinator with 2 years of experience in the USA. She has been in the private travel business since 1991. She likes traveling around the world and exploring new cultures.

Who are we

Blanka bílková

Project manager & travel buddy

Over 7 years in travel services. She started as a technical guide. Besides traveling she is working with children and used to be a bartender in the city centre. She likes learning new languages or camping in the woods.

Petr bílek

Tour manager & supervisor

Over 12 years in travel services. He started as a technical guide and later worked as a driver and tour manager over Europe. Likes traveling with family & friends or playing football.

Jiří bílek

Legal advisor

Over 30 years in the family travel company providing legal counsel. Works as an attorney in a private law firm. Likes traveling into the wild, reading detective stories, and taking care of cats.

Here's what our clients said about us

"Dear Evza,

Thank you so much for your expertise in arranging our family trip through Sicily. Simply stated --- without it, we could not have done it. The itinerary, accommodations, dinners/lunch, tours, and guides were all wonderful. Our driver, Francesco, was especially helpful and a delight to travel with.

Have a wonderful summer. Please keep in touch.

Fondly, Vicki"

- Vicki Bruno

"Dear Evza,

Everything is going fine. You always do a great job.

I can't thank you enough.. on the tour to

Rabat this afternoon and everyone loves the ship and got seating worked out.

All are really happy and having great time...

Wish you had joined this cruise with me....

Thanks for the info...get back to me...

Oh... I did the 1 hour massage and the steam room... was really nice.

Back with you soon,


- Carmen Blake

"I have worked with European Private tours for several years, in Prague, Budapest, Venice, Athens and Paris.

All transfers, tours and airport "meet and greet" have been without a hitch and the accommodations have been exactly as represented. My groups have been small speciality groups with very specific requests.

All tour guides have been first class, extremely knowledgeable, and most important very flexible, able to make changes on the fly to respond to client's last minute requests. I recommend this company to anyone who is looking for an exceptional, personal, travel experience."

- Mel Stewart (Maritime Travel)

"Hi Petr! It's your friends from Florida, USA...Charlie, Colleen....Frank and Rosemary....Hope u are doing well. Thank you so much for being more than just a boring driver during our Germany/Austrian Holiday. You made our time unforgettable!! Still drinking Radler's here in the states, but they don't taste as good as they did in Germany! Please keep in touch....Charlie"

- Charlie Greenhouse

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